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President's Email

Executive Board:

Executive Director: Gerald Walsh
Executive Director: George Stamatiades
President: Thea Romano
Vice President: Doris Nowillo-Suda
Financial Secretary: Margie Fasano
Recording Secretary: Pat Wilson
Corresponding Secretary: Richard Madrid
Treasurer: Gloria Moloney
Sergeant at Arms: Jimmy Natale

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Astoria Park Concert Photos Now On-Line

Astoria Park Fireworks Photos and Videos Now On-Line

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Read CITY LIMITS article mentioning Dutch Kills
"Homeowners in Dutch Kills, meanwhile, are frustrated by another type of imbalance: an influx of hotels. And some, noting the city's transformation of the Verve Hotel to a women's shelter last October, are worried about a wave of hotel-to-shelter conversions."


Windmill Community Garden


More DKCA area photos HERE


Elizabeth McQueen Event


The Devotions July 14, 2016

The devotions

More Astoria Park photos HERE xxxxxxxxxxxx

A strong wind will knock this 23 Street fence over on you

If you have any quality of life complaints
call 311,

President's Email
or call 347 330-4553 with complaint number
and we will follow up.

Thea Romano

Dutch Kills movie

See it FREE on YouTube

See Dutch Kills Civic Association member
as French speaking chef in the movie Light Sleeper
light sleeper.

Gazette reports on

Cathy Nolan's LIC Office Warming Event

Is YOUR building going to be torn down?

Check here for: Central LIC  or Astoria

DKCA group

Event Listing Below to August 15

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Tuesday Jul 26 7:00 PM
Black Moon & Smif-N-Wessun,
performing a tribute to Enta Da Stage & Dah Shinin’
Black Moon is the legendary Hip-Hop group comprised of Buckshot, 5FT and DJ Evil Dee.
Smif-N-Wessun is the historic duo of Tek & Steele
Queensbridge Park

Wednesday Jul 27 7:00 PM
Dianne Reeves / DJ Greg Caz
Dianne Reeves is the pre-eminent jazz vocalist in the world today.
DJ Greg Caz has been spinning around New York since the early 1990s.
Queensbridge Park

Thursday Jul 28 7:00 PM
Lyfe Jennings
Lyfe Jennings (born Chester Jennings in Toledo, Ohio) is an African American R&B and soul singer-songwriter, record producer, and
instrumentalist. He plays the guitar, bass, and piano which he integrates into his music.
Queensbridge Park

July August concerts


07/31/2016 30th Avenue Astoria Festival

30th Avenue Steinway - 29th Street

08/21/2016 Steinway Street Festival

Steinway Street 34th Ave - 28th Ave

For art gallery and music events South of Queens Plaza see http://www.queensbridge.us



We Went by Your House

Did you have your shades down?

Google Car

Dutch Kills Hurler Arrested

Police arrested 44-year-old Jerome Blakely on Monday evening, and charged him with assault for throwing Senior Citizen subway passenger down the subway stairs at 36 Street in Long Island City


Astoria Park Fireworks Photos and videos

Desk top view

Mobile view

Full screen slide show


More Astoria Park photos HERE

Watch a Drone's Eye View of Dutch Kills

zone map

Dutch Kills Area Supermarkets

Send us missing names and links for Dutch Kills area supermarkets

36 Avenue Trade Fair flyer HERE

Green Apple at 38-50 21st Street.
The supermarket is located in the prime location of Long Island City. It celebrated the grand opening in November 2015. The total lot is over 73,000 square feet. This supermarket provides one-stop shopping with a full assortment of traditional groceries, including great array of American products as well as Asian groceries, increasing the range of foods that the neighborhood consume.

FORGET about Key Foods on 21 Street.
They don't carry all items in flyer.

41 Avenue and 10th Street  Fine Fare Supermarket
flyer HERE

Senior Discounts is available. See flyers

Still showing:

The Iceman Confesses:

 Secrets of a Mafia Hitman,

"The Iceman Confesses"
is also known as
"Iceman II",
a true story.
HBO, 2001
with two Dutch Kills Civic Association members
portraying EMTs

See Dutch Kills Civic Association member in
Dave Chappelle
DVD Season One talking about Mister Ed, the Talking Horse